Friday, 10 August 2012

An Event To Make Us Proud

At the risk of contributing more to a surplus of London 2012 content I have an overwhelming desire to record my views as we approach the end of what looks like an historic benchmark in global events.  I was lucky in the first ticket draw, way back in 2011 and in the past few days witnessed the boxing and athletics.  What I hadn’t expected was the quality of organisation and incredible atmosphere.

LOCOG has staged an event to make everyone in the UK meetings industry proud.  To compliment what, in my experience, was faultless organisation and logistics has been an atmosphere of hospitality and welcome that might have seemed out of character for London.

There were almost too many positive angles which, taken as a whole, created this once in a lifetime experience.  The stunning setting and structures of the park (witness the flower meadow in my family photo), the fabulous success of our athletes and the magnificent coverage by the BBC all played major parts. However, the masterstroke was the recruitment of a massive army of volunteers who set an infectiously happy and relaxed tone to the proceedings.

The fact that someone took responsibility for creating this hospitality demonstrates how much smart thought went into the planning.

This confirmed once again that successful events are not just about facilities and content, a host must also take responsibility for creating the atmosphere to complete the experience. 

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