Monday, 13 July 2009

What is it about Sundial?

Subjective customer feedback is difficult to benchmark so industry reports all too often miss the gems that can be found in the free text fields of satisfaction surveys.

We often come out top in the benchmarking 'numbers game' but its the personal comments that say the most. Below, I have picked out a small number of recent examples that I think demonstrate the Sundial Team's attitude.

"It is an outstanding venue, not because of any particular feature or factor, it just provides probably the best 'fit for purpose and value', matched by excellent customer service that I have come across. I stay at or use 50 - 100 venues per year and in this respect, Woodside is unparallelled."

"The Barnett Hill staff are great! Their winning formula is a high-class yet homely (non-corporate) environment combined with friendly yet professional service. Thanks all!"

"Whilst I have said ~"met expectations" this is misleading because these expectations are already very high because of past experiences at Highgate House. There is a sense of "team" and everybody, gardeners, reception all being a part of a team ethic. Little touches like offering to carry over materials to the room are appreciated. Also a "Good morning" and a smile go a long way so well done!

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